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Tuesday, January 24

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Analysis of Search based Algorithms for Prediction of Aging Related Bugs Aravali-3 Automatic Evaluatıon for Machıne Translatıon Virtual Room A Blockchain-Enabled Precision Agricultural System Using IoT and Edge Computing Virtual Room A Distributed Deep Learning with Data Parallelism for Diabetic Retinopathy Classification Virtual Room A Improving Naturalness in Speech Synthesis using Fuzzy Logic Virtual Room A Profiling Network Traffic by using Classification Techniques in Machine Learning Virtual Room A Secure QR Code Transactions Using Mobile Banking App Virtual Room A USE-Based Deep Learning Approach to Detect Spammers on Twitter Virtual Room A Version Control System for Auto Generation of Question Papers Virtual Room A An Implementation of Multidimensional Cube for Power Scheme Virtual Room B An In-Depth Study of 5G-Based Eco-Friendly Smart City Virtual Room B Data Platform and Urban Data Services on Private Cloud Virtual Room B Development of a Speech to Indian Sign Language Translator Virtual Room B Estimating Software Reliability Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique Virtual Room B Face Recognition at Various Angles Virtual Room B Gamification: Secret Ingredient in Enhancing Flavor of Theory of Computation Understanding Virtual Room B Optimized Invoker Scheduling for Open-Source Serverless IoT Actions Virtual Room B A Perspective View of Image And Video Forgery Techniques Virtual Room C An Optimal Ordering Policy Varying with Generalised Exponential Increasing Demand, Variable Deterioration and Time-Dependent Holding Cost Virtual Room C Development and Validation of Unsupervised Machine Learning Clustering Techniques Virtual Room C Impact of Covid-19 on MSMEs’ Contribution Towards Indian Economy Virtual Room C Impact of the role of Artificial Intelligence on Mental Health Virtual Room C Quantum Optimization Techniques and It’s Comparison with Classical Optimization Virtual Room C Security Aspects in IoT: Challenges and Countermeasures Virtual Room C Survey on Irrigation Scheduling with Machine Learning Virtual Room C

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Anomaly Detection in Medical IoT devices using Federated Learning Virtual Room A Comparative study for Detecting Cardiovascular Disease risk using Machine Learning and Hybrid Models Virtual Room A Evolution, Trends and Future Developments of Business Intelligence Virtual Room A Knowledge Discovery and Visualization of UMLS based on Complex Network Analysis Virtual Room A Multiclass Discriminator for Blind Steganalysis using Statistical Features of Digital Images Virtual Room A OMA-DSS: Ontology Based Multi Agent Decision Support System in Healthcare Domain to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases Virtual Room A Playful Thinking as A Strategy To Assess Mathematical Skills In Primary School Virtual Room A Single Image De-hazing using Haze Veil Analysis and Contrast Stretching Virtual Room A An Analysis of Smart Kitchen Gadgets and a Smartphone Application for the Smart Cooker Virtual Room B Audio Compression Using Quantum Neural Network Virtual Room B Combining Generative Adversarial Networks with Transfer Learning for Deep Learning Based Pomegranate Plant Leaf Disease Detection Virtual Room B Design of Sensory Internet of Things (IoT) for Making Sustainable Agriculture Ecosystem : An Experimental Setup and Elaboration Virtual Room B Inflation Targeting, Monetary Policy: The Way Forward Virtual Room B Land Use and Land Cover Classification and Changes Detection Using Machine Learning Approaches Virtual Room B Meta-Learned Word Embeddings For Few-Shot Sentiment Classification Virtual Room B Stacked LSTM model for Shakespeare Style Poem Generation Virtual Room B A Study On Kidney Segmentation Techniques Using DNN Models Virtual Room C An Optimized Textual Document Categorization Based on Fast Fourier Transform Virtual Room C Architectural Visualization Using Virtual Reality Virtual Room C Classification of Bacterial Skin Disease Images using Modified Convolutional Neural Network Virtual Room C Near Real-time Crime Detection Using Intelligent Drone Capture and CNN’s Virtual Room C Plant Diseases Detection and Classification using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Spectroscopy Virtual Room C Sustainability Triangle Framework for Digital Health Systems: A Conceptual Model For Sustainable Healthcare Virtual Room C The Auscultation Sound Classification Era of the Future Virtual Room C

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Wednesday, January 25

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A Discrete Firefly Algorithm Applied to Structural Bridge Truss Optimization Virtual Room A A Small-Scale Ontology to represent Knowledge about Question Items Virtual Room A Design, Analysis and Optimization of Chassis for Mobile Robotic Platform for Supermarkets Virtual Room A Evolving Time Series Data Streams: A Review Virtual Room A Identification of Cracks in High Rise Buildings Using Drones and Deep Learning Virtual Room A Innovative Task Scheduling and Allocation Algorithm for E-Governance with Multi-cloud Environment Virtual Room A IoT Based Hyper Redundant Robot for Generating Various Snake Gait Virtual Room A Wearable Technology with Location Tracking, Health Monitoring, And Attendance Tracking for Employees Virtual Room A A Framework for Analyzing and Improving Socio Economic Status of Women SHGs Virtual Room B Analysis to Find Relationship Between Mental Trauma, Rape and Suicide Virtual Room B Brain Tumor Detection From Brain MR Images Virtual Room B Detection of Spam in SMS using Machine Learning Algorithms Virtual Room B Development of Augmented Reality Book for Preschool Education Virtual Room B Efficient Bounding Strategy for CEC 2020 Winner Algorithms in Solving Production Planning Problems Virtual Room B End To End Pedestrian Features Detection for Self Driving Cars Virtual Room B RealDApp – Decentralized Real Estate Asset Transfer Protocol based on Blockchain Virtual Room B A Review on Blockchain Strategies and its Applications Virtual Room C A Study on Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning and Image Processing Techniques for Identifying Plant Leaf Disease Virtual Room C Caption Suggestions Through Facial Expression Analysis Virtual Room C CFG Analysis for Detecting Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts Virtual Room C Image Forgery Detection Using Deep Learning Virtual Room C Jitter Measurement System with ps Resolution for Calibration of Nuclear Timing Spectroscopy Systems Virtual Room C Production Scheduling on Multiple Parallel Machines Using Recent Metaheuristic Techniques Virtual Room C RtTSLC: A framework for Real-time Two-handed Sign Language Translation Virtual Room C

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A Clustering-based Approach to Feature Selection for Breast-Cancer Classification Virtual Room A A Secure Protocol for Authentication and Data Storage for Healthcare System Virtual Room A An Automatic Early Detection of Melanoma Skin Cancer Using Fuzzy C-Means Virtual Room A Classification of Traffic Signal Images using Deep Neural Networks Virtual Room A Comparative Analysis of Image Augmentation and Data Deduplication Techniques Virtual Room A Deep Learning Framework For Liver CT Image Segmentation and Risk Prediction Virtual Room A Face Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Virtual Room A Voice Controlled Home Automation System Virtual Room A A Review of Depressive Disorder Detection Based on Sentiment Analysis Virtual Room B A Systematic Review: Imbalanced Network Traffic Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques Virtual Room B Digital Infrastructure and Applications for Smart Cities and Societies-Role of Artificial Intelligence Virtual Room B Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning Virtual Room B IoT Based on Non-Invasive Glucometer Virtual Room B Oil Fatty Acid Measurement (OFAM) system for Blended Groundnut Oil Virtual Room B Online Label Refinement for Weakly Semi Supervised Semantic Vehicle Parsing using CNN and Transformer Virtual Room B Point of Care Device for Measurement of Vital Parameters Virtual Room B Calorie Measurement for Raw Vegan Diet Using Deep Learning Networks Virtual Room C Comparative Predictive Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for SIW Bandpass Filter Virtual Room C Data sharing approach for Personal Health Record using Modified Attribute-Based Encryption based on Searchable Encryption Scheme Virtual Room C Deradicalization of Mathematical Model Using SERT Compartment Virtual Room C Designing a Broadband Antenna for Wireless Communication Virtual Room C Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals: A Survey Virtual Room C STREAMLIT Web Application for Finding Similar Face Using Deep Learning Virtual Room C Towards Performance Overview of Mini Batch K-Means and K-Means: Case of Four-Wheeler Market Segmentation Virtual Room C

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A Boosted Random Forest Algorithm for Automated Bug Classification Virtual Room A A Study on Cross Site Scripting Attacks Virtual Room A Design and Development of a Cross-Platform Applica-tion: MSCW App Virtual Room A Identification Of Spoofing URLs Using Hybrid Algorithms Virtual Room A Implementation of Real Time Face Mask Recognition Technique using Keras, TensorFlow Virtual Room A Role of PRI functionaries in adaptation of e-Governance at Gram Panchayat: A Study of two states Virtual Room A Solving Text-to-SQL task through Machine Translation Virtual Room A Sting - A User Governed Crime Alert App Virtual Room A A Review of Recent Advancements In Infant Brain MRI Segmentation Using Deep Learning Approaches Virtual Room B A Survey on IoT empowered WSNs including Energy Aware Routing Strategies, Security Challenges and Privacy Preservations Virtual Room B Deep Learning for Classification of Encrypted Images Virtual Room B Evolution and Challenges in Seed-Set Selection Techniques for Influence Maximization in Online Social Networks Virtual Room B Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Surface Vessels by Fuzzy-Based Collision Avoidance System Virtual Room B Factors Affecting the Integration of Educational Technologies in Academic Delivery by Management Teachers during COVID-19 Times Virtual Room B Technological and Human Approach in Complete Restoration of the Dental Teeth Jaws with Biocompatible Materials Virtual Room B A Comparative Study of Haze Removal for Dehazing Remote Sensing Images Virtual Room C AI-Powered Detection and Prevention Tool to Secure APIs from Malicious Bot Attacks Virtual Room C Availability Optimization of Generator Unit of Steam Turbine Power Plant using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Virtual Room C Comparative analysis on Automatic Speaker Diarization Techniques Virtual Room C Detection Of Plagiarism In Contextual Meaning Using Transformer Model And Community Detection Algorithm Virtual Room C Green IT for Sustainable Development Virtual Room C Smart Assistance Robot for Mobility Impairment Virtual Room C Study the performance of a Robot Manipulator making use of PID controller for welding work in an Automobile Industry Virtual Room C

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